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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 14, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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if you're sick of paying more than your fair share... [ screams ] get snapshot from progressive, and see just how much your good driving could save you. it's 9:00 on the east coast, 6:00 p.m. on the west coast. 3:00 a.m. sunday in paris, where many families are having a sleepless night. the attacks we know now killed 129 people. we learned at least one american is among them. a student from cal state long beach was out with friends and a restaurant when gunmen sprayed bullets into the place. there were eight attackers in all, working in three different teams. he says all but one of them killed themselves by detonating suicide bombs, a tactic france had never before seen. the country has dealt with terror before, of course, and as
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robert nez beth from our sister network reports. people are trying to find ways to express their grief and anger in their new normal. >> the attacks are a challenge to the revolutionary principles of the fourth republican, carved in marble with the plaster. in secular france, these three words inspire almost religious river answer. >> and as they did, after the charlie hebdo attacks ten months ago, they came here today to defend those pillars of defense democracy. 10-year-old moemi takes her tribute to the statue. >> seeing what happened last night, the bombers hadn't thought about france's motto, they completely ignored and disrespected the french motto. >> in her young life, she's seen her city and country challenged many times by terrorist.
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most notably 10 months ago when charlie hebdo westbound raked with bullets. police officers murdered in the streets in the name of jihad. home raised terrorists inspired by a war hundreds of miles away. islamic state hats its own word aiming to terrorize, mobilize and polarize at the restaurants where 14 died, the echos of the previous night are still being absorbed. listen to the stunned silence here. there's also a determination that this must not be a clash of cultures, they are murderers without a coherent creed. >> it's not about religion, we are beyond that. it's not about that, they just want us to be dead. no debate.
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debate is with an intelligent u think we can debate with guys that shot the guys in the cafe? there's no debate. >> reporter: those present, the most eloquent rejection of the killer's claims. 1234 there's a real happy solidarity. >> the streets are noticeably quieter today. one of the cities most famous shops is closed. these roads on a saturday would normally be choked with traffic. major landmarks were also closed including the eiffel tower where soldiers and armed police are again patrolling the site, where tourists usually snake. ♪
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>> reporter: on social media, there is a reflective resilience in pockets around the city. as people approach these areas where neighbors and friends died, you see quiet apprehension, those who place a candle or a note often tearful as they comfort each other. >> for those we spoke to today, you can't equate the terrorist desire to destroy with the democracies desire to build a fairer society. that would be a partial victory. >> the numbness and grief is flickering tonight. there's a resilience to understand how those born here could turn on their own with such vehemance. >> police are chasing down leads
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to figure out who exactly did this. there were several arrests. france's security forces hauled in the father and brother of one of the attackers. the authorities in belgium report they busted three people during a raid in brussels. for updates let's go to paris now. >> there were 129 people murdered. among them an american who was eating in this restaurant behind me. she was spending a semester abroad. she was studying design. she was eating with a classmate, gunned down and killed, brought out of that restaurant behind me on a stretcher. the first american known dead many that number could rise as many as 99 people wounded. that number could go up.
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i still see people wandering behind you. >> they come up, they hug each other, they cry. the city as a whole seems to be quiet people being told to stay inside. a lot of things shut down. no public gatherings of any kind until thursday, we could see a mass tomorrow. >> steve harrigan who sounds like he needs a good night's sleep. good to talk to you. fbi officials warning agents to be vigilant. that's what a law enforcement officer tells us. they are monitoring a constant stream of chatter online. >> what do we know for this
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chatter? >> the first thing that's most important is that there is no known credible threat in the united states. out of an abundance of caution they're stepping up the listening and the police presence across major cities. >> lots of changes happening here. and i guess it's similar in most cities? >> that's right. we'll start with new york and new jersey, we're hearing that they're stepping up the police presence. they have a heavy armed presence in major places like train stations and stadiums, they have a lot more plain clothed officers on the streets. we're hearing the same thing from major cities across the nation. >> glenn, i've been struck by our reporters and those from the journal and others who are describing this city of paris
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now where you can still get around, where buses and trains still run should something god forbid like this happen in new york city, six different locations. i can only imagine us in a state of lockdown. it's unfathomable? >> i agree with that. what's happening right now, police departments are deploying across the city in new york, especially at all of the major places where they would anticipate such an attack to be attempted. any public gathering places are the words that we're hearing from the new york police department where there's large crowds. they want to be ready, but i'm sure that if anything should happen there would be a quick lockdown many. >> do your sources indicate that concerns are greater or does what happened in paris really not create a change in the way we do things here? in other words, we've been doing them to the best of our ability already? we're doing what we can?
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>> i believe that when you hear from officers for example up in boston, they say that they never stepped down from high alert after the boston bombings, you hear the same kind of thing from new york police officers, i believe we have that stepped up presence. but you could say that it is being amplified. this is a reminder that we can't let down our guard. >> we both work in a building on sixth avenue, i was driving up sixth avenue from downtown manhattan to midtown manhattan today, it felt like in a normal day, there were police cars, except today, all the blue lights were flashing, it felt like they were trying to remind anybody who may not have realized that they're here and here by the tens of thousands. >> there's no question about it, part of this extreme deployment is a deterrent effect. it's meant to show for the comfort of the people living in our major cities and elsewhere, but also to those who may try to do harm, that the police are there, they're watching and
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they're everywhere. that's one of the things that they want to make clear. >> i read on social media, people asking almost rhetorically, what do i need to do understandably? what more can i do as an individual? >> that's the core of it, is that people need to be more aware. they need to be mindful. the other side is, we have to be careful that we not get into profiling and unreasonable side of this. that line between protecting our citizen citizens. >> if you put people in boxes, it's astounding what can happen to them. live with us, it's nice to talk to you, i appreciate it. >> ahead, president obama
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the streets of paris has brought new urgency to this summit. the paris attacks really now expected to dominate this thing? >> yes, absolutely. there are now reports that an earlier session yesterday that was supposed to focus on climate change will now focus on isis. this, before this happened in paris last evening, white house officials were previewing this meeting and saying much of it will be dominated by discussions of isis and the location of this -- turkey has been a critical ally here. turkey does border syria and iraq, with all these leaders in town, it's going to be a primary topic of discussion here, and now even more so after the attacks, even before this started today, before president obama left, john kerry was in vienna discussing syria with the foreign minister of russia. and after that meeting, he says essentially they're continuing to talk about the worldwide mission to defeat isis. >> i want to make sure that it
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is absolutely crystal clear that the united states stands with france and the rest of the world in our resolve to eliminate the scurge of violent extremist groups from the face of the earth. and make no mistake, that resolve has only grown stronger in the wake of this unspeakable brutality. >> what we know direct conversation, face to face meeting between barack obama and the french president is hollande is now skipping the g-20 to take care of matters back in france. >> though tensions are certainly high, the white house saying no direct evidence of anything planned for anything around here. >> right. immediately before president obama got on marine one to leave and go to the airport to fly out of here to go to the g-20, he did meet with his national security council. the white house release on that says there's no specific or credible threat to the united states. the u.s. was reviewing its security posture, was speaking with french counterparts and
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also the president according to this release was briefed on our embassy security posture going-forward from here. >> rich, thank you. >> as investigators try to learn more about the paris attacks, we're hearing from a survivor who came face to face with one of the terrorists. and that's ahead. ♪ there are no medals won for earning a living. it's just what you do for family.
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[aat sleep train'sh mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2019 on tempur-pedic. but mattress price wars and this special financing offer ends sunday. a survivor who managed to escape from the bataclan concert hall last night said he looked one of the killers right in the eye. stewart ramsey with the details. >> another previously unknown crime scene location has opened up a mile or so from where the friday night killings happened. forensics officers are searching a flat opposite a bistro where
10:20 pm
more investigators are working inside. the authorities are searching for any clues to identify the gang that's caused may hem in paris once again. may hem and murder. who are these men who carried out the attack? survivors say they were a mix of races, north african and one a white our pea around. benoit and his brother survived by begging for their lives. >> there's one shooter behind him, and he asked me to close the door, and i say no, because there's my brother. i try to push him much i had my hands like this, he said close the door, close the door, he let my brother run. we knew the shooter was just beyond the door, we tried to block the door. there were around 50 people there that escaped. from air conditioning and other ways out. >> this was a guy with blonde
10:21 pm
hair? >> yes, again, i haven't seen my brother say that, that's why he stayed there. and again, yeah, it's my brother. of course i trust him. but it's not what i saw. we also heard when we were hidden in the flat, that people talk about and heard people say -- >> this comes as a massive shock, its sophistication astonishing experts. >> this geez beyond what i was fearing before this happened. in france, we were expecting something fairly big, the background noise was getting very disturbing. something as elaborate, as complex as sophisticated as this? i certainly was not expecting. and i don't think many other people were either. >> reporter: should french intelligence have been better
10:22 pm
prepared? in august this year, sky news revealed that is was training foreign fighters to carry out attacks in their home european cities. this man a former member of the islamic state internal security, saw the men being trained. they had specific high profile missions. >> what could their job be? >> something abroad? i believe they have a mission outside. you asked about a lone wolf mission. i'm not familiar with that name. i'm telling you, it is happening. >> the question is whether in was one of those missions that they were prepared for. >> this was clearly a sophisticated and well organized attack. the biggest concern for the authorities is that nobody appeared to have any clue that it was about to take place. although there had been warnings of some type of attacks, nothing as big as this. concern, of course, is if it can happen this time, it can happen
10:23 pm
again, and not just leer. the fear for the authorities and indeed all of paris and france is that this isn't over yet. are there more terror cells? if so, where are they? and can they be caught before another attack happens? sky news, paris. >> ahead you'll hear from a man who was inside the concert hall when attackers started shooting. and the murder of syrian president bashar al assad is speaking, now says he's been warning of attacks like these for years. and guess who he's blaming?
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10:28 pm
>> translator: it had been 40 minutes since the concert began. there were a lot of people in the room. it was almost full and in the middle of a song. we heard detonations coming from behind and heard screams. so i turned my head there and saw guys with weapons pointing at us. they were shooting at the crowd. their faces were uncovered. the one i saw was dressed in black, he seems very young, in his 20s. everyone decided to lie on the ground. i think it's a natural reflex in this kind of situation. there were so many people, i ended up with one or two people
10:29 pm
on top of me. and that saved my life. we waited for them to recharge their weapons and then we fled to a technical room to the right of the stage which was plunged into darkness. there were 10 people frightened inside. this room led nowhere, there was no exit, no escape. we had moved from one trap to another one, even if it was less exposed. we waited a few minutes inside, the shooting continued. no one understood exactly what was happening, they were reloading their weapons, and it's at this point we decided to run on the stage because on the other side was the only escape route leading to the street. instinctively, i turned my head when i was in the middle of the
10:30 pm
stage and i saw these men continuing to fire. coldly executing people on the ground. and watching us run and at that moment i caught a call who sat on the stage. she was seriously injured and had received two bullets to her but of course and left thigh. she was bleeding a lot and losing consciousness. i caught her, i put her on my shoulders and ran into the street. >> a survivor with what a story. the paris prosecutor reports 89 people died at that location alone. rick leventhal is live in paris, not far from that concert hall, what is it like there now, rick? >> very quiet, sheppard, we're just in front, just down the street from the theater, you can see the police are still
10:31 pm
standing guard here, and their vehicles are still out here. you can probably see some of the tarps they hung in front of the theater to prevent cameras from getting images of the evidence they removed from that theater, and the bodies as well. an awful task for the french investigators and police here. as we come down to our end of the street, you can see some of the flowers and candles and signs that have been placed alonged barricades. one of the many memorials that have sprung up here in this neighborhood. a quiet saturday night in paris, we're just blocks from that charlie hebdo office where the attacks occurred 10 months ago. and the members of that newspaper staff were executed and then again, we had those shootings at the cafe in this neighborhood, perhaps a half mile from higher, last night as well, they've seen far too much tragedy in this one part of paris. >> have they ever. strong words from french officials today.
10:32 pm
tell us. >> reporter: we heard from the french prime minister this evening who vowed to destroy the enemy behind these attacks. he said, we'll chase the authors of this act, we will win this war. but how they do it is another story, as we've seen, it's difficult to stop people from killing others when they're willing to die themselves, of course, the best wear to do that, sheppard is to stop these attacks before they happen, in this case, apparently there wasn't a lot of chatter and there wasn't a lot of evidence to allow authorities to know that this was about to happen. >> clearly there wasn't. the hunt for accomplices seems to be paying off, i know there's more work to be done, what do you know? >> reporter: you've been reporting on the father and brother of one of the fwomers who has been detained. we don't know if they'll be charged. they were taken into custody here in the paris area, they are continuing to work very aggressively to hunt down any
10:33 pm
leads that might lead them to accomplices in this case. we know they went to brussels, where they found at least three men who may be connected to the renting of the vehicles that were used in these terror attacks. and now the new york times reporting that an fbi team is on its way to paris to assist in the investigation, primarily in trying to locate any evidence among the electronics, phones and computers that may have been recovered as well as any other evidence they can recover at the scene that may lead them to others involved in this case. we're told they're looking into social media to see whether there's any connection to anyone in the u.s. to try to prevent any further attacks on the homeland. >> so much to do. 3:33 in the morning, pulling an all nighter for us. rick, we appreciate it. a college student from california is the first american fatality named in yesterday's deadly terrorist attacks in paris. her name naomi gonzalez. she was 23 years old, whole life ahead of her. she was spending a semester
10:34 pm
studying in france. she was killed last night in one of the restaurants targeted by the terrorists. what are we learning, will? >> good evening. she was a senior at cal state long beach, people who knew her best said she had a real zest for life, a life that was cut down far too soon, when she was simply sitting at that restaurant with a friend and gunned down. that friend immediately called gonzalez' friends and family members telling them what happened. she's being called a hero by leaders at their college. she was a design student. she had a smile you can't forget. she was part of a team that won second place for creating biodegradable snack packs. she will be sorely missed. >> she had a very bland joyous personality, she was extremely
10:35 pm
lively, extremely energetic, no short around of anything you couldn't ask her to do. and she would be there for us. >> in an extremely emotional instagram post, gonzalez' boyfriend posted a picture of both of them with a tribute stating she was his best friend, his angel and the most important person in his life. the college plans on holding a tribute tomorrow afternoon in long beach. >> we understand a crew member with an american band was killed inside the bataclan? >> that's right, the eagles, all five members were able to escape, we since learned that one of their crew members, his name is nick alexander, a british citizen was killed during the chaos that played out in that theater, the family released a statement today saying he died doing the job he loved. now, family members of the band tell us while all five crew members escaped.
10:36 pm
all five band members, they tell us there's still some crew members who are unaccounted for, they're asking for thoughts and prayers across the country and all across the world. >> will carr in los angeles, thank you. syria warned europe for three years that terrorists would launch a major attack there. that's the word today from the murderous syrian dictator, he's slaughtered tens of thousands of men, women and children with barrel bombs and artillery. the islamic state has been allowed to rise and spread throughout his country. a syrian passport was found near a body in paris. he condemned the attack but suggested france's policies are to blame. >> the policies regards what is happening in our region have contributed to the spread of terrorism. >> john kerry said today, bashar
10:37 pm
al assad is prepared to negotiate over the future of his country. this as officials from the united states, russia and other countries say they've outlined a plan that could lead to ewlekss in syria within two years. officials say that plan includes formal talks between syria's government and the syrian rebels to begin the first of january. it would seem a huge development for president assad. he's refused to step down and the rebels have been trying to push him out of power for years. the reuters news agency reports those countries trying to bring the two sides together, still have differences over the future of assad. russian president vladimir putin is the dictator's biggest ally. after the paris attacks, russian officials have again called for the west to work with them against the islamic state. so far, analysts say that is not likely to happen, u.s. officials have said that russia has been dropping bombs on the rebels while claiming to be targeting isis.
10:38 pm
some analysts say the attacks in paris might show the islamic state has broadened its reach and is capable of carrying out devastating attacks in the west. up next, i'll speak with a former cia military analyst about the claims the terror network has changed its strategy and no longer relying on lone wolf attackers. still to come. o severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb.
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the violence in paris could indicate the islamic state strategy has entered a new phase. shifting from a focus on lone wolf attacks to coordinated highly planned operations. that from analysts to the usa today newspaper today, the complexity of the paris attacks suggest the orders came from the terror group's leadership. what does that mean for our strategy against isis? tara malother is here. what does it mean? >> i think we've seen a level of sophistication we have not seen
10:42 pm
before. whether or not it's a change in strategy, i wouldn't go that far. isis has probably wanted to carry out coordinated attacks against multiple soft targets in a city like paris. we've been lucky we haven't seen something to this level before. so i think it shows a change in that they were able to achieve this level of coordination. not really the fact that they've desired to do these types of attacks on these types of targets for a while about. >> we're going to learn a lot more about how this caming to. we'll probably learn that the lack of borders across europe, probably the reason it was easier than it would be somewhere else. >> we don't know if they were home grown, in some cases it could be a mix. homegrown, french nationals who were born there, they could have been french who travelled to syria and iraq, got connections, training, ties and materials. or they could be actual members of isis who worked with teams
10:43 pm
over there, and some could have come from outside the country. this remains to be seen, we don't have all the information yet. i would imagine that because they were multiple individuals involved, they may have a separate story. it doesn't have to be that they're all from within fwrans or all from outside. it's probably a mix of situations in a cell that came together, a high level of coordination given that that this all happened simultaneously. >> tara, the thing that we had always heard was, they're so worried about lone wolf attacks because a loan wolf doesn't have to talk to anybody. if you were going to have something coordinated, there were going to be three groups attacking in three different places, moving from one place to another. security apparatus is in place to hear it, now we know it isn't. >> you're absolutely correct, lone wolf attacks are easier to
10:44 pm
fly under the radar of officials. what was missed, what dots weren't connected. it's possible there were warnings, there may have been strategic warnings. if you even look back at 9/11. there was a presidential brief warning about the attack to carry out an attack and use airplanes. that doesn't translate to a tactical intel. it's possible they had warning signs, without the specifics, these types of attacks are difficult to prevent. >> we know that communicating without getting caught has become easier in recent years because we know there's a new level of encryption that didn't exist years ago. i wonder if that's something that they have to look into? >> yes. without knowing how long these individuals were communicating, it's possible they used the
10:45 pm
procedures, mechanisms encryp encrypti encryption, face to face meetings so they wouldn't be detected. i find it doubtful none of their activities would have been under the watch of law enforcement. i'm sure some were being watched or officials were aware of, but there are many other individuals where that's the case, that don't end up doing simultaneous, highly coordinated attacks, it's a very difficult job to weed out when something like this is going to happen, from the noise and the other traffic and chatter about potential threats. >> you only have to get it wrong once. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> a survivor from last night's attacks in paris says, he came face to face with one of those terrorists. and his story is coming up. h on terrorists, and his story is comi
10:46 pm
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we've seen so many inyesterdayible stories of survival from the attacks in paris. and none more moving than from a woman named isabel. she's from cape town, she survived and wrote a long piece on her facebook. i'm quoting all of this. "you never think it will happen to you. it was just a friday night at a rock show. the atmosphere was so happy, and everyone was dancing and smiling. when the men came through the front entrance and began shooting, we naively believed it was part of the show. dozens of people were shot in front of me. pools of blood filled the floor. cries of grown men who held their girlfriend's dead bodies pierced the small music venue. futures demolished, families heart broken, in an instant
10:50 pm
shocked and alone, i pretended to be dead for over an hour, lying among people who could see their loved ones motionless, holding my breath trying not to move, not to cry, not giving those meant fear they longed to see. she goes on, i was incredibly lucky to survive. but so many didn't. the people who had been there for the exact same reasons as i, to have fun on a friday night, were innocent. this world is cruel and acts like this are supposed to highlight the depravity of humans and the images of those men circling us like vultures will haunt me for the rest of my life. the way they meticulously aimed and shot at people around us, in the standing area, i was in the center of it, without any consideration for human life. it didn't feel real. i expect at any moment for someone to say, it was just a nightmare, but being a survivor of the horror lets me able to shed light on the heroes. as i lay down in the blood of
10:51 pm
strangers and waited for my bullet to end my 22 years, i envisioned every face i've ever looked at and loved and whispered i love you. to the man who reassured me and put his life on the line to try to cover my brain while i whimpered, to the couple whose last words of love kept me believing the good in the world. to the complete strangers who picked me up from the road and consoled me during the 45 minutes i truly believe the boy i loved was dead. to the injured man i had mistaken for him, in my recognition, that he was not a particular man held me and told me everything was going to be fine, despite being all alone and scared himself. to the woman who opened her doors to survivors, to the friend who offered me shelter and went out to buy new clothes, so i wouldn't have to wear this blood stained top. to all of you who have sent me caring messages of support. you made me believe this world has the beshl to be better, to
10:52 pm
never let this happen again. but most of this, and to the 80 people who were murdered inside that venue, who weren't as lucky, who didn't get to wake up today, and to all the pain that their friends and families are going through, i am so sorry. there's nothing that will fix the pain. i feel privileged to be there for the last breaths and truly believing that i would join them. i promise their last thoughts were not on the animals who caused all of this. it was thinking of the people they loved. as i lay down in the blood of strangers and waited for my bullet to end my mere 22 years, i envisioned every face that i have ever loved and whispered i love you. over and over again, reflecting on the highlights of my life. wishing that those i loved knew just how much, wishing that they knew no matter what happened to me, to keep believing in the good in people. to not let those men win. last night the lives of many were forever changed and it is
10:53 pm
up to us to be better people, to live lives that the innocent victims of these tragedy dreamed about, but sadly will never be able to fulfill. r.i.p. angels, you will never be forgotten." another survivor is a guy who ran to help in a cafe after seeing people shot in the head. he tells the daily mail he was forced to hide behind a bus and come face to face with one of the terrorists. jake wallace simons joins us on the phone now. he's the associate editor of -- global editor for the daily mail. i can't imagine -- just reading this, i can't even imagine living through such a thing, there must be survivor's guilt, so many emotions that most of us can't process. >> yes, i mean, i spent most of
10:54 pm
yesterday speaking to people who were bereaved, lost friends and relatives in the atrocities, and the story of the man you mentioned who ran into the cafe where almost 20 people were gunned down, and tried to help was just extraordinary. because he held dying people in his arms. he saw what he thought was a woman asleep with her head on the table and then he saw she had a bullet hole in her face and he realized she had been killed. he was clearly in a state of shock. he was covered in block, he would doing whatever he could to help. but then the attackers started to come past the cafe and he was forced to run away. he hid behind a bus with a collection of other people. the moment that haunts him aabove all the others is the moment when he had what he
10:55 pm
describes as a little meeting with one of the attackers where they came face to face just behind the bus. and the thing that stays with him is that he didn't fight the attacker at that moment, that's what really haunts him. the reason he gave, he was confused, in a state of shock. that the noises had been very, very loud. and when he came face to face with the attacker, he didn't see his gun on him straightaway, and he wasn't completely certain this was the attacker, and then it was over. and the man had gotten into the car and gone away. i mean, the sort of courage that this man showed was extraordinary. that, what stays with him is the fact that he didn't fight, when most of us would have been running for our lives. and would have had our main concern for our own lives. this man was thinking only of
10:56 pm
confronting the terrorists. >> i can't imagine. terrific work up on line now. it's nice to talk to you. thank you. we'll be right back.
10:57 pm
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in hum for a smarter, safer car diagnostic updates, pinpoint roadside and emergency assistance hum by verizon put some smarts in your car producers have yanks a terrorism themed movie set to open this weekend in france. we have a poster of that movie. it features a giant weapon. it was featured prominently in the paris metro, but has since been taken down. the film is reportedly the story of a muslim journalist who gets close to a group of young men planning to create havoc in paris. variety reports this is not the first time the films release was postponed. it happened back in january too, nolling the terror attacks at the charlie hebdo attacks in
11:00 pm
paris. i'm sheppard smith in new york. have a good weekend. this is a fox news alert. paris remains vigilant after yesterday's deadly attacks. we learned more about those who carried out the heinous acts that killed at least 129 people and injured over 300. according to reports, one, possibly two of the suspects entered europe through greece as refugees. now, french authorities have also said that a syrian passport was found on the body of one of the attackers. and we'll have much more tonight on that connection. but first, here's how the horror unfolded last night in paris. take a look.


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